About Us


About Us

We provide our services with respect to Intellectual Property particularly to patents, designs and trademarks. The firm operates with a mission to provide high quality, specialized, and customized services in the Intellectual Property area with cost effective approach.

Our team with a combined experience of more than 50 years consists of seasoned patent agents, attorneys and technical specialists to effectively manage the complete lifecycle of our client’s intellectual property. We cater to diverse and multi-disciplinary subject matter cutting across different industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, materials and polymers, biomedical, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, electrical and computers, telecommunication, mechanical.

The firm is located in New Delhi and will be expanding soon to other cities of India. Also, we have a network of Attorneys/professionals in different countries to protect and secure your IP outside India.


Our Founder


Yogesh Goel

Yogesh has over 13 years of experience in patents. He has been handling patent research, prosecution, analytics services for technology companies and IP law firms. He is a Masters in pharmaceutical technology and has in the past worked for several leading KPO in India. Yogesh has been trained in patent laws of different countries such as US, EP and India and also is a registered patent agent in India. He also has completed his law in India. He has been a trusted IP adviser to several leading companies, law firms, start-ups, MSME, educational institutes. He has managed various projects involving patent drafting, prosecution, search, licensing, litigation, and patent portfolio management. Link also to Linkedin network.


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